Payment Options

Tuition for HCA is $2,000 per year. For families with multiple students tuition is $2,000 per year for the first child and $1,000 per year for every additional child. There are several payment options for families to chose from.

Monthly Installments

Families can pay the amount of their tuition over the course of ten months (Aug. - May).

Semester Installments

Families may also opt to break up their payments per semester, paying half in the Fall and the other half in the Spring.


Families may also simply pay the whole amount at the beginning of the school year.

Other Fees

Besides tuition there are a few other fees that occur with each school year. The first is our curriculum fee which purchases your students material for the year. This fee is $150. We also have a building fee of $100 per student. Families with multiple students will not be required to pay more that $200. Both of these fees are due at the beginning of the school year.