About Us


We don't just teach academics. Along with their bookwork, students at HCA are taught character and community. We seek to engage the heart, mind, and body so that students may reach their full potential in Christ.


One of the best things about our program is that it is customizable for each student. Students are given the opportunity to work at their own pace and at a level fitting to their strengths and weaknesses.


We know that security is such a huge issue in today's world. Therefore we seek to provide a safe environment in which students can learn and connect with other students. We want students and families to feel safe physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

Values and Beliefs


Doctrinal Statement

We believe that God is the Creator and Sustainer of all things and that he is intimately concerned with and involved in the details of all life.

We believe God, in love, sent his only Son to save and redeem the world from sin through his own sacrifice on the cross, burial, and bodily resurrection on the third day. This Salvation and hope is freely given to all people regardless of age, ethnicity, status, or history.

We believe that the Bible is God's inspired, inerrant, and authoritative Word and every aspect of life is to measured by its standard. 

We believe in the Holy Spirit. He abides in all those who believe in Jesus to give them grace for godly living. He distributes gifts to every believer to accomplish God's work in the Church and in the world.

We believe in the universal Church and that it is God's agent for extending His message and Kingdom to all the nations on earth.

Finally, we believe in the imminent return of Jesus Christ to judge all people. The righteous to eternal life and the wicked to eternal punishment.


Hope Christian Academy will not refuse enrollment to any student or family based on their race, religion, or status. While we do have a screening process for students and families who want to enroll, it is not based on ethnicity or religion or even social status. Our screening process has more to do with determining whether or not a student - or family - is compatible with our program. We look for a willingness to comply with our program and cooperate with the staff.

Philosophy of Education

To borrow from ACE ministries, we believe that education is the communication of life to life. In other words, life is a process of learning. There are very few things in life which we are not taught. We live by learning. Therefore, our approach to education is a wholistic one. We seek to educate and train body, mind, and spirit. 

We want our students to grow academically, but not simply for a piece of paper at the end of their school experience. Knowledge is useless unless it is applied, and application of knowledge can be dangerous if used for the wrong reasons. As C.S. Lewis said, "Education without values, as useful as it is, seems rather to make man a more clever devil." 

With this in mind, our first goal in education is building godly character. It stands to reason that if you put character first, then academic excellence will follow. Without godly character we develop habits such as laziness and short-cutting and even downright cheating. These inhibit our academic performance and keep us from truly learning. Therefore, Character comes first.

What determines character? What is our standard for determining character? Simple - it's Jesus. As the Son of God he fully imbibes the Character of God and the character that God desires for all people to posses. Therefore, as we know Jesus and learn from him we obtain his character. So, our true first step is knowing and professing Jesus.


Next, comes the instructional aspect of learning. We do this by means of the program developed by the School of Tomorrow called Accelerated Christian Education or "ACE". The instruction comes in the form of  PACEs, or booklets of curriculum. You can learn more about PACEs here: https://www.aceministries.com/what-is-a-pace . These PACEs are our source of information, instruction, practice, and testing.

We supplement our PACEs with hands on learning through extracurricular classes such as: Art, Shop, Home-Ec, and P.E. We also take monthly field trips for further hands on learning. These are vital to making education real-to-life.

Finally, we believe education finds its fulfillment in application. We call this application service. Regardless of a child's career path we believe their ultimate goal should be to glorify God through service. Imagine if your doctor's main goal was to better serve you. What if that was the goal of our politicians, teachers, clerks, mechanics, janitors, and everyone else. It would certainly be a better world wouldn't it? Therefore, we train our students in service by giving them opportunities to serve around the school and in the community.